U1100 Acid Gas Removal Unit

U1100 is a chemical absorbent used for acid gas removal. Acid gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) can be removed from natural gas or other gases using U1100. The U1100 absorbent is typically used in a process called amine gas treating. In this process, the gas is first cleaned of any impurities such as sulfur and moisture. Then, the gas is passed through a contactor tower where it comes into contact with the U1100 absorbent. The acid gases are absorbed by the U1100 and the clean gas is then released back into the system. U1100 is a proprietary blend of amines, which are organic compounds that have a basic (alkaline) nature. The amine molecules react with the acid gas molecules, forming a chemical bond that removes the acid gas from the gas stream. The U1100 absorbent has several advantages over other acid gas removal technologies. It has a high selectivity for CO2 and H2S, meaning it can remove these gases while leaving other gases untouched. It is also highly efficient, meaning it can remove a high percentage of acid gases from the gas stream. Finally, U1100 is a regenerable absorbent, meaning it can be reused after the acid gases have been stripped off by heat, making it a cost-effective solution for acid gas removal.

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